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Artist Scott Meyer

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    Scott Meyer, born in 1953, works from his ranch in Alachua, Florida. Meyer found himself instantly gifted with the ability to do realistic sculpture following a powerful spiritual experience as a young man. He sees himself as a manifester, bringing thought from the realm of non-existence to physical form. Intrigued by the question "What is the imagination?" Meyer believes the act of creating is his path to worshipping the Creator. Although Meyer works in mixed media, he works primarily in stone and loves the challenge of its unforgiving nature. He also appreciates the permanence of stone and the ancestral connection with sculptors who have communicated through stone since the dawn of man.

     Meyer has two lines of work. One involves translucent stones, which are lit from within. His other line of work varies from simple to very complex forms utilizing contrasting textures and colors in archetypal themes. All his pieces are made from stones which he hand-selects from quarries around the country. Meyer's hobbies include architectural design, inventing, designing simple machines, and studying spiritual texts from around the world.